About Us

  • gofigy is a global online store inspired by the women of the fashion world. one dress is fitting wherever you are.We infuse luxurious, technologically advanced fabrics into all-situation wear. From daily essentials, performance gear to runway inspired pieces, you can focus on the more important stuff, like love, fun and living.Our company integrates product development, design, production, warehousing and logistics. Consumers can receive their favorite high-quality clothing faster and better.Now gofigy has won recognition and trust customers in Amerca,Canada and Europe etc.
  • Our mission at gofigy is simple: Become one of the leading online fashion platforms worldwide,and gofigy is committed to providing global consumers with comfortable and colorful fast fashion women's products.we believe in making the basics better. We chase perfection. When it comes to our apparel, we pour over every detail: materials, colors, drapes, and cuts. We consider and test every element.
  • We listen to our customers and are always finding best ways to improve our services and provide quality products with the fastest postal speed.We put our clothes through hard work, workouts, nights out, nights in, and everything in between. And we only make the best.
    and our singular goal is to make quality clothes that fit your best life. We want you to be liked to wear our dress. It’s our top priority to ensure that our fashion community always feels confident and included.